HPMC and HGK Capsules Liquid

A successful approach to liquids in hard capsules for both simple and complex active ingredient formulations with several advantages. The capsules can be filled with a range of approved oils.


Low minimum order quantity starting at 100,000 capsules
Organic certified production possible
without additives, NON GMO, allergen-free (capsule shell)
vegan capsule shell possible
Short delivery times (depending on raw material delivery)
Easy to swallow

Capsule materials

1. HPMC capsules – Vegan
2. fish gelatin – for krill and fish oils
3. 100% bovine gelatin capsules

Available sizes:
#0 – about 500mg filling weight
#00 – about 700mg filling weight

Product examples

Omega 3 vegan from algae oil (VEGAN)
                       HPMC 0             HPMC 00
Per capsule
Algae oil         500 mg               720 mg
– DHA            150 mg                216 mg
– EPA               75 mg                108 mg

Natural Astaxanthin Oleoresin (VEGAN)

in olive oil
4 mg astaxanthin
6 mg astaxanthin
8 mg astaxanthin

Curcumin in micelles (VEGAN)
185 x better bioavailability

per HPMC capsule
– Curcuminoids 30 mg
– Curcumin 25 mg